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My name is Dr. Troy McMurtray. As a national board-certified chiropractic kinesiologist, I work with people just like you to identify and treat imbalances within the body to restore and maintain homeostasis (equilibrium) for the entire body.

My career in healthcare began when I was sidelined with a severe back injury in my early 20s. Surgery was in no way appealing to me, so I elected to pursue alternative treatments and was guided to a chiropractor. After only three visits, I was walking upright without pain.

This experience uncovered my passion for healthcare and led to my enrollment at Life University in Marietta, Georgia, earning a bachelor's in biology and a doctorate in chiropractic.

While completing my chiropractic studies, some very close family members were diagnosed with cancer. This news renewed my commitment and passion for healthcare, leading me to dive deep into cancer research and treatment, both traditional and alternative.

Through advanced courses in microbiology, nutrition, neurology, and cellular metabolism, it became apparent how vital homeostasis (equilibrium) is to the body for optimum function and disease prevention, whether it be cancer, heart disease, depression, etc. This realization drives the caring, compassionate treatment approach you will receive at Aurora Integrative Health, whether in-office or via a virtual telehealth appointments.

I am currently completing a master's degree in sports health science with an emphasis on chiropractic sports science. Additional professional and post-doctoral training include a certificate in applied kinesiology, quintessential applications, functional blood chemistry analysis, pathogenesis of disease, cellular and mitochondrial dysfunction, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and nutrition.

Outside of the office, I relish time with my loving wife and our four beautiful children. We love spending time outdoors as well as engaging in a wide range of activities.

Together, let's discover your optimal health!

Dr. Troy

 The McMurtray Family
The McMurtray Family


CAM Therapy for Cancer
Our treatment approaches cancer by addressing the malfunctioning cells metabolic processes.* We use a series of testing and advanced treatments in order to accomplish this goal. Our approach can be used with standard cancer therapies.
Men's and Women's Health
With so many health approaches available, it's important not to get caught up in fads that don't work. With our innovative approach, we will address the root causes of imbalance to reduce the signs of aging, manage weight, increase vigor and vitality, even detect chronic diseases early, and so much more.
Migraines and Headaches
Break free from debilitating migraine headache pain with our unique, long lasting approach. We will work together to locate the source of your migraines using specialized, scientifically proven methods and formulate a specific, non-invasive plan individualized for you.
Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Childhood neurodevelopmenal disorders have multiple and complex factors. Our holistic approach utilizing current epigenetic research to create specific, indvidualized treatment plans.
Life & Sports Injury and Performance
Whether you’re a weekend warrior, an active parent or a professional athlete, it is important to keep the body in proper structural alignment to prevent injury and help you excel.

* Aurora Integrative Health does not diagnose, treat or claim to reverse cancer.

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